Invitation to Tender (ITT) – Provision of Production of a Short Film for Ramadan 2021
  1. Mosque-Madrasah-Wakaf Shared Services (“Shared Services”) invites you to submit a Tender bid and proposal for the Invitation To Tender For the Provision of Production of a Short Film For Ramadan 2021.
  1. Shared Services is a vested entity of the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (“Muis”), also known as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. Shared Services provides administrative and public education initiatives to Muis, including Zakat and Wakaf matters.
  1. The Zakat and Wakaf Strategic Unit of Muis (“ZWSU”) is tasked to manage Zakat and Wakaf policies and operations in Singapore. In supporting Zakat operations in Singapore, Shared Services works with Muis to run the annual Zakat Ramadan Campaign (“Campaign”), during which various public education initiatives are launched through print, broadcast, digital and social media platforms.
  1. One of the key component of this Campaign is a Zakat Ramadan Short Film (“Short Film”) which forms part of the public education deliverables. Shared Services will be managing the production of this Short Film.
  1. The Short Film will be aired primarily on social media in Ramadan 2021 (approximately between 13 Apr 2021 to 13 May 2021).
  1. An additional one-minute format is to be aired on MediaCorp Suria channel during Ramadan 2021.
  1. Where necessary, Shared Services and/or Muis may assign one or more Resource Person(s) to assist in the production of the Short Film. All potential vendors will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Upon signing and submission of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, Shared Services will provide the Instruction to Tenderers documents via email. Download the Non-Disclosure Agreement here.
  1. The Tender bids and proposals shall be submitted via email, no later than the Closing Date and Time as stated in Instruction to Tenderers: 13 Nov 2020, 5pm
  1. Submission will not be accepted after the Closing Date and Time as stated in Instruction to Tenderers.
  1. Shared Services does not bind itself to accept the lowest, or the whole or part of, or any tender bid and proposal.
  1. All enquiries regarding the Invitation to Tender and request for ITT documents should be made in writing and directed to:

Nur Farhana Ishak (Ms) 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6653-3735
Muhaimin Ali (Mr)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6653-3723


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