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  1. Mosque-Madrasah-Wakaf Shared Services (MMWSS) is a committee under Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS). We started in 2006 as Shared Financial Services (SFS), and as the requirements to improve the mosque, madrasah and wakaf (MMW) sector grew over time, the roles expanded beyond financial services, to also include governance, public education and HR support. To support Islamic Education (IE) services offered at the mosques and full-time madrasah, MMWSS is requesting for information from prospective partners to provide a School Management System. The system aims to improve the entire IE experience offered at the MMW sector.

  2. One of the IE services offered is the aLIVE programme which is conducted at 38 mosques across Singapore. Each mosque serves as an aLIVE Centre where students attend classes on a weekly basis. The programme is divided into four categories – Kids (5 – 8 year old), Tweens (9 – 12 year old), Teens (13 – 16 year old) and Youths (17 – 20 year old). As of Jan 2019, more than 21,000 students attend the aLIVE programme.

  3. ADIL is an Islamic learning programme specially tailored for adult Muslim learners in Singapore. It is currently offered at 17 mosques across Singapore and has about 4,000 participants.

  4. Apart from the aLIVE and ADIL programmes, there are 6 full-time madrasah (Islamic Religious School) in Singapore registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE). These madrasahs offer a dual-education system that combines secular and religious learning. Similar to the secular schools, the madrasah admit students from Primary 1 up to Pre-University.

Request for Information (RFI)

  1. MMWSS is seeking to establish a Request for Information (RFI) to develop a one-stop School Management System that supports Islamic Education (IE) in Singapore within the MMW sector. The aim is to:
    a. Enhance the experience of IE by keeping students involved throughout the entire journey;
    b. Provide seamless processing and visibility of progress for IE programmes;
    c. Allow remote access to information, payment and acknowledgement of IE changes; and 
    d. Provide centres with an opportunity to reach out to students more directly, and share updates and programmes of interest.
  2. The proposer is required to work with MMWSS to propose and conduct the creation of the future School Management System, and propose any other areas required for the system.
  3. A Request for Information (RFI) briefing for all interested parties will be organised on 13th November 2019, 10am to 11.30am at a venue to be confirmed. Interested parties are required to register their interest via this form.

Submission of Information

4. This RFI is a mechanism for gathering information and concept proposals for the School Management System.

Closing Date of Submission

5. Please send all submissions to Nadir Hakim Roslee (Executive, Grants) at [email protected].

6. The closing date of the submission is 27th November 2019, 5pm


7. All enquiries regarding this request should be sent to Nadir Hakim Roslee (Executive, Grants) at [email protected]

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