Accounting and Financial Management

Since 2006, MMW Shared Services provides a shared finance service to ensure timely production of Income-Expenditure statements for Mosque Management Boards. Shared Services also managed interventional fundraising for Muis entities.

As of 2018, Shared Services handles the accounts for 69 mosques, 2 wakaf and 3 madrasah.

Administration of Community Islamic Education Grants (IEF, Promas)

In 2016, MMW Shared Services streamlined Muis grant application-to-disbursement process, starting with the Islamic Education Fund (IEF). The unit has successfully incorporated the administration of Progress Fund Madrasah Assistance Scheme (PROMAS) into the grant system in 2018. The first disbursement will be for FY2019 PROMAS applications.

Public Education of Community Funds and Services (Zakat, IE Programmes)

In 2015, MMW Shared Services introduced a new unit to manage a Finance-driven Public Education (PE) campaign for the Muis Group, focusing on the MMW sector. Some of the major projects under the PE campaign include, Zakat and Wakaf Campaigns, Madrasah Al-Arabiah Awareness Campaign and Islamic Education Campaign (aLIVE and ADIL).

In 2017, the unit expanded its capabilities to also include content amplifications for Singapore Muslim Identity (SMI)-PE for MMW sector, across various platforms including printed collaterals and short videos on social media.

Functional IT and HR Services

MMW Shared Services extends its IT expertise to Muis entities to implement proper IT security measures and manages the development of Integrated Payment and Receipting system in 2018.

With the changes made to the Employment Act in 2016, MMW Shared Services extends its HR expertise to facilitate statutory compliance across Muis entities, such as the provision of payroll systems to generate pay slips.

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